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Peter Wendy Hook


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Neverland in North London

When Peter lures Wendy to his secret and solitary domain, adventure and peril await. 


Then into the frame enters the complicated James Hook, a figure whose ruthless designs on Neverland are matched only by Peter’s own desire for Wendy’s soul. 


Hook is as hissable as ever, and when he presents the

selfish-but-magnetic Peter with a deadly challenge, an

epic battle begins.


At its heart? Wendy Darling. 


Assertive. Smart. And in terrible danger.  

Set in Spicerhill, a district of contemporary London, Neverland in Shadow is an affectionate, offbeat story inspired by J.M. Barrie’s outstanding novel and characters.


Taking its cue from Barrie’s view that Kensington Gardens’ celebrated statue '...failed to show the Devil in Peter', this respectful tale embraces the darkness lurking in a tragic and immortal anti-hero. 

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Here's what you need to know:


What: Contemporary take on Peter Pan 
Who: Young adults and above
Where: Etsy (for the nicely designed PDF) plus, for regular e-reader files:  AmazonBarnes & Noble, EverandKobo or Smashwords.
Sample: Preview the Etsy PDF here

Neverland. That's what she'd call this place. The boy watched her, and when she looked to him again he was stood up: balanced upon the railings, legs splayed, cable coiled and fizzing around his neck, and both hands on his hips. He thumped his chest and said ‘Peter.’ This he followed with an entitled little smirk. The entire thing reeked of a triumphalism for which he'd done precisely nothing to earn. Who on earth does he think he is, this boy, thought Wendy.

From Chapter 5:   Ne 


The Songs in the Shadows
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The story would not exist without these unwittingly provided musical cues. From lyrics and titles to inspiration taken from a song’s atmosphere, these artists must take the credit and share the blame. Thank you to them all.

Check out some songs from the bands with ink on their hands on the A World in Shadow blog. And if you're signed up to Spotify (if not, it's free) you'll find a growing bunch of playlists here, or by searching there for Neverland in Shadow.

Woven into Neverland in Shadow is the influence of countless pop groups

‘This is called Perhaps It’s Just Me. It’s by The Pollen Count. D’you like it?’ And she watched as the boy stared ahead.
‘Not really.’ said Peter, ‘It’s just noise.’ 
Wendy rolled her eyes. 
Nor did he fancy The Hyphen and the Dash by Definite Articles. ‘What a racket.’ he’d said to Wendy. She’d rolled her eyes at that too, and said ‘You sound just like my mother.’

From Chapter 14: You Be Mother

Try it / Buy it
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Free stuff

Walk tentatively in the shadows by reading chapters 0-6. You can read them right here or download the Etsy preview PDF. Then, for more, take the second star to the right and it's straight on 'til AmazonBarnes & Noble, Etsy EverandKobo or Smashwords.

‘If it soiled your ears, I apologise: I don’t transform into Oscar Wilde until fifteen minutes past eleven.’ And for effect he produced his pocket watch, opening and closing the case in one well-practiced movement.
‘I wouldn't worry,’ said Wendy, ‘I hear much worse at school.’
‘I pity your teachers.’ replied Hook.
‘It's the teachers I was talking about.’

From Chapter 21: Spiritus 

A world in Shadow
World - District.png

An occasional blog for the curious, visit A World in Shadow for assorted
odds and ends connected with the story. 

Depending on your outlook these may provide interest, or they may function as spoilers. Or they may do neither of these. 


... AND Loads more below... 

‘It could, of course, be arranged, instead, for you to... die, y'know. If you'd prefer.’
‘To die will be an awfully big adventure.’ flashed back Peter, ‘Let's both go on it together.’
‘Yes! Let's do that!’ said Hook.

From Chapter 30: A Chamber of Horrors

Q&A - Central.png
    It’s... ...for boys and girls who never grew up. This clever-but-unhelpful response precedes our opening chapter. It won out against other annoying lines including For grown-ups who’d rather they hadn’t, For ex-children everywhere and, somewhat dramatically, For children. Of all ages.
    You could say 14-to-adult. But that makes it sound like a board game. And certainly, anyone who loves J.M. Barrie’s original Peter Pan stories might well be interested in this reimagining. But that’s a given. Attention, fans of indiepop: you may enjoy identifying and ticking-off the sly references nicked from loads of bands. But that makes it sound like a board game. Again. Maybe the last word on all this is best delivered by way of another well-loved literary figure via... ...A Little Light From Darkest Peru In the window of a tenement in Glasgow’s west endstands a large, home-made Paddington Bear toy. Paddington has stood at his post since 1981, and he keeps watch over the traffic on Hyndland Road and Clarence Drive. He is seasonally attired, so if you're ever wondering whether it's summer or winter - and in Glasgow that’s often a valid query - you can glance up at the window and Paddington's outfit will give you a clue. Tacked to the window pane in question are postcards from all over the world. When people go on holiday they send Paddington a greeting. Some have even left jars of marmalade outside his door. And in December, postcards are replaced by Christmas cards. If you think that's something remarkable, and as worth celebrating as almost anything you could mention, then Neverland in Shadow could be just the story for you. And if you think it sounds like the worst thing ever, buy a copy anyway – just to prove yourself right.
    A bit of history, if you’ve got a minute: in 1929, J.M. Barrie gifted to GOSH the rights to performances of Peter Pan. These rights expired in 1987, fifty years after Barrie’s death. But this is a story with a happy ending, for in 1988 the UK’s House of Lords voted to enact an amendment to the Copyright Designs & Patents Act. Result: GOSH was granted royalty rights in perpetuity. Translation: to this day, GOSH retains the rights to royalties from stage performances of the play, and from publications, audio books, e-books, radio broadcasts and films of the story - although the rights don't extend to derivative works like Neverland in Shadow. As GOSH itself explains, Prequels, sequels, spin-offs or any other derivative works based on Peter Pan and other characters from the story do not require a licence as it's out of copyright. You can read all about the hospital's enduring relationship with Peter Pan here TOYS & GAMES - SENT FROM THE SHADOWS GOSH gratefully accepts donations of new toys, games and gadgets. These mean a lot to the children and young people (the hospital cares for patients up to age 18) so this project will be sending a few bits and bobs - and in a very small way honouring J.M. Barrie's own connection with Great Ormond Street.
    Works as a freelance copywriter and mainly likes animals, pop music, films & TV, walking in the park, watching sports, reading, idling and sleeping.

‘A riddle to ponder: At night they come out without being fetched. By day they are lost without being stolen. What are they?’
Wendy thought for a few moments, watched, all the while, by Hook. ‘The stars?’

From Chapter 21: Spiritus

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