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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

A Winter's Sky by The Pipettes. It's another in the long list of pop songs that inspired the Neverland in Shadow story.

The track is a highly affecting cut from the 2006 LP We Are The Pipettes. It stands out in that jaunty, Spector-sound album via a dialled-down delivery that shimmers and shifts, gathers pace, then slows prior to reprising once more.

They were The Pipettes. The debut LP was released by the Memphis Industries label in 2006. It's a corker of a record - one whose singles also contained ace b-sides.


On the words-side, the song's elegant and quietly menacing lyric may well be the tale of a lost girl, and when the track closes it does so ominously. In proximity to a cushion of brass, the final line...

The last we saw of her, it came too soon. open to interpretation. Underlining this, the soft sound of a disappearing train provides more questions than answers, allowing the listener to construct their own ending to this most delicate of boy-girl stories.

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