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Updated: May 28

As this blog series will demonstrate, I'm no designer or graphic artist. Despite this, I stubbornly wished to create the story's cover image myself. This was time-consuming, but almost always good fun. Here's one effort. More to follow.

Much influenced by the beautiful formative record sleeves of the mighty British Sea Power... the book cover Hook is represented by a lightning bolt. His icon would eventually become a cutlass as this was thought a good juxtaposition to Peter's wooden dagger.

Although I liked Wendy's teacup icon, I did struggle with it as it's possibly a bit benign. In the end, it was actually Wendy who would be represented by the bolt (albeit in blue): entirely in keeping with the disruption she causes across the story.

The icons' green, pale-blue and bright-red colours were consciously selected to recall the palette most associated with these characters, be that via theatrical depictions, pantomimes or, of course, Disney's 1953 animation. Speaking of which...


As illustrated by three marketing images for the same film .

Great. Alright. Aghhhhh...

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