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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

An occasional blog complementing the story

Here's you'll find trivia, shout-outs to interesting bits and bobs and the occasional pop song that helped inspire the tale. Like this one, it's Fotzepolitic by Cocteau Twins. One aim in writing Neverland in Shadow was to create a story that on occasion reads like this song sounds.


Sounding like they hail from some intangible realm not of this earth, the band is in fact claimed by the central-Scotland port town of Grangemouth. It's a location known also for the presence of a large oil refinery, and for the the fact that the large oil refinery is always mentioned whenever anyone writes about Grangemouth.

Need more? Then hear more and read more at Cocteau Twins' website


For even more pop, visit the Neverland in Shadow playlists on Spotify. And to keep tabs on a growing bunch of images connected one way or another with the story, head to Pinterest.

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